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Remnants Thrift and Sew

Recently opened in Mars Hill, Remnants Thrift and Sew is a nonprofit community sewing space and thrift store that offers classes, affordable clothing, and free open sew hours. They're creating a fun and welcoming community space that promotes sustainability and creativity by supporting sewing traditions, through class offerings and affordable clothing.

Founded by Marcyanne Hannemann and Callis Chambliss, the idea for Remnants came about when Callis was living in Santa Cruz. He saw a volunteer-run sewing space, called the Fabrica, and thought that it was a great idea– a space for people to come and sew and connect. Adding on a thrift store component just made sense! 

What’s the vibe? 

Walking into Remnants you’ll be greeted by a colorful and well organized thrift store. “We have some quilt squares painted on the walls and art we’ve thrifted or been gifted by talented friends, and as time goes on the atmosphere will become even more warm and inviting, which is exactly what we’re going for,” says Marcyanne.  

The front two-thirds of Remnants is mostly bargain racks of clothing, with items priced at $4.99 or lower. There are also two small racks of “Selects” which are priced individually but still a good bargain.

During open sew hours, anyone can drop in and use the sewing space (for free!). The space is equipped with sewing machines, notions, patterns, fabric and even one (real life human) volunteer who can help you with any troubleshooting.

Marcyanne explains, “So often space and tools are the main obstacles to learning a new skill or craft, and we’re hoping that with those two main components provided, even small fixes (hemming a skirt, or patching a hole) will feel less intimidating and more approachable, not to mention large projects like quilting or garment construction which really ask for a lot of space.” 

As a relatively new home sewer who lives in a small house, Marcyanne adds, “I often leave projects unstarted because I don’t have the space. Aside from the material and technical aspects, it’s nice having other people around when I’m working on a project; I love coming up with creative solutions to problems with other people, and anyway I think I work better in spaces that aren’t my home, I can’t get distracted by the laundry or the dishes.” 

Unique qualities  

Free kids clothes! Remnants offers free kids clothing through a voucher program and hosts seasonal kids clothing swaps. 

Classes! Be on the look out for free and sliding scale classes for people with all levels of sewing skill. If you have an idea for a class that you’d like to see on offer, email 

Pattern library - for use on-site or you can check them out and use at home! 

When to shop + donate

Currently thrift store hours are Wednesday-Monday 10-6 and Sunday 11-4. The open sew hours are Wednesdays and Sundays 12-4, but the team hopes to expand these eventually!

Ways to get involved 

Volunteer, teach a class, donate clothes, join their mailing list, follow on Instagram and Facebook. 

Volunteers are needed to help with anything from sorting clothes, assisting with events (like clothing swaps!), staffing open sew, and teaching classes. “We’re also open to new and fun ways that people can help so it’s always worthwhile to reach out. We have a volunteer intake form for people to sign up with their email, names, availability and interests and I’ll try my best to get back to them in a timely manner!” says Marcyanne.

As for teachers, the Remnants team are looking for any textile crafters who would like to share their knowledge! “We’re open to all kinds of classes. So far we have a monthly beginner’s sewing class on the books, and a monthly knitting circle. Email us with any of your ideas! I’m trying to get an audiobook mending group together,” says Marcyanne

Accessibility + parking

There is a wheelchair spot in the front of the store, though the parking lot does not have a ramp (however the curb is quite low), and the store itself a wide single door which is accessible. There are plenty of parking spaces, though none are specific to Remnants so sometimes the other businesses have their rush hour– but even then they open up pretty quick. 

How to pay + return policy 

Remnants accepts cash and cards, but they are not accepting returns.



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