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Neighborhood-Wide Yard Sale Dates for Asheville (2024)

Last year we released our first roundup of all the neighborhood-wide yard sale dates in Asheville, and you loved it! So, we're making it an annual tradition.

We hope to see you out there. And if you need some tips for making the most of the day, check out these yard-sale shopping tips from my thrifty inspiration, my dad.

We've arranged the list by date (many are on May 4th) and we're still awaiting dates for a few neighborhoods below (if you know of a neighborhood-wide sale, let us know!).

Saturday, May 4th

All are 8-12 except Haw Creek is listed until 1pm.

If you want to conquer them all on May 4th, get ready to head out early! It's a 51 minute route, and we recommend planning it out so you're stopping by your place or a friend's if you need to unload. Remember to bring cash!

You'll also probably want to be prepared to drive around a bit, neighborhoods don't have specific maps of houses that are having sales, just that sales are happening on that date.

Possible route for yard sales on May 4 in Asheville
Possible route for yard sales on May 4 in Asheville

Saturday, May 11th

Saturday, May 18th

Planning for July

  • Grove Park (see it on maps)

    • This takes place within the neighborhood and at E.W. Grove Park

Awaiting dates for...

Do you know when a neighborhood-wide sale is happening for the following neighborhoods? Or do you know of a sale that's not already on our list? Let us know! Fill out this form or DM us on Instagram.

  • Five Points

  • East West AVL

  • Shiloh

  • Montford

  • Oakley

  • Albermarle Park


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