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Secondhand Shopping by Neighborhood in Asheville


Downtown Asheville is home to one of my favorite vintage stores, Honeypot. In fact, vintage is mostly what you'll find when walking the brick-lined sidewalks downtown. 

You can shop at: 

  • Honeypot Vintage 

  • Posies for Lulu Vintage

  • Ragtime Vintage

  • Sugar Britches 

  • Roam Collective 

The first three are classic vintage stores, and Sugar Britches is a mix of vintage and handmade/upcycled outfits. If you're looking for a vintage dress, I'd send you to Posies. If you want fun masculine tops, Ragtime is your spot. I love Honeypot because it has a little bit of everything, is always immaculately curated, and they somehow always have incredible statement coats. Roam Collective recently celebrated their one year anniversary, and there you'll find a mix of modern and vintage clothing, home goods and a great selection of upcycled jewelry.


The River Arts District will always hold a special place in my heart because it's where we hosted our first clothing swap (stop by Hi-Wire when you're there!). It's also where you'll find one of Asheville's most unique and oldest secondhand stores, Second Gear. 

You can shop at: 

  • Wildflowers Vintage

  • House of Kismet 

  • Second Gear 

Wildflowers Vintage has a great reputation in town for sourcing authentic and unique pieces, along with Kismet (the sister store to Honeypot!). Even better? They're neighbors!


If you want the most concentration of thrift shops in one place, West Asheville is probably the neighborhood to visit. You have one of the original secondhand shops, Reciprocity (check out our store overview), and award-winning newer fixture, Revolve (another store overview available). 

You can shop at: 

  • Reciprocity

  • Revolve

  • Emote

  • Fleetwoods

  • Twice Round Vintage

  • Goodwill Outlet

If you're looking for a queer art and secondhand shop, you cannot miss Emote. They recently expanded to a bigger location, and if you stop by, you'll know why. It's the most fun you'll have at a thrift store - trust us. Fleetwoods and Twice Round Vintage are mainstays in the vintage scene and both well-curated (Twice Round even implemented a new sizing system to make it even easier to find what you need). 

We can't cover West Asheville thrifting without mentioning the Goodwill Outlet. If you've never been, make sure you're fed and hydrated and ready to DIG. Everything is set out in bins and you pay by weight. Which means while you might spend longer searching, it's hard to beat the satisfaction of these cheap finds. 

Northwest (Leicester) Asheville

Just a short drive from West or North Asheville, you'll find: 

  • More to Love

  • Mine and Yours

More to Love is our town's only plus-size specific consignment store. They carry everyday wear through to evening gowns, you'll find it all here! Mine and Yours is another community staple that has a great collection of clothing and a selection of made-in-Asheville crafts and home goods (great for gifting!). 


Just a bit north of downtown, you'll find two great secondhand stores just a block apart: Clothes Encounters and Enchanted Forrest.  

You can shop at: 

  • Clothes Encounters

  • Enchanted Forrest

I love that Enchanted Forrest has locally made clothing as well as secondhand, and Clothes Encounters has one of the widest variety of styles (it's one of our town's bigger stores). I've always found great jewelry there as well! 


East Asheville is where you'll find a great collection of thrift/vintage collectives - let us explain. Stores like Regeneration Station, Atomic, and Altamont are made up of individual vendor booths or stations. While it's not all clothing on offer, the vendors here are great and you can check out other antiques while you shop. 

You can shop at:  

  • The Regeneration Station

  • Atomic Furnishing and Designs

  • Altamont Vintage

  • Second Chances Thrift

  • Asheville Humane Thrift

  • Goodwill

Second Chances and Asheville Humane benefit Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and Asheville Humane Society, respectively. They also offer more than just clothing, and Asheville Humane Thrift has 50% off their clothes every Wednesday! There is also a regular Goodwill store here. 


If you're making your way south, Linden Consigment/Curated Consignment can't be missed! This is a smaller, highly curated shop with a great jewelry selection. Check out their Instagram, they're often posting new arrivals so you can get a feel for what's in store.    

You can shop at: 

  • Linden Consignment

  • Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor is a franchise with one Asheville location. They're always well stocked and this is where I'd point someone who was looking for secondhand athletic and athleisure-wear. 


Just outside of Asheville's city limits, you'll find a cute little cluster of secondhand shops. 

You can shop at: 

  • Lulus

  • The Garage on 25

  • Goodwill

  • Charlie's Angels Thrift Store

  • Hospice Home Care

Lulus is mainly known for their resale furniture, but they have a substantial clothing selection! The Garage on 25 is a collective of vendors, and there are a few with vintage clothing. Hospice Home Care is temporarily in Fletcher while their Arden store is being rebuilt after a fire. Charlie's Angels is another thrift store that benefits animal rescue. Then you've got a classic Goodwill across the street. 


Just North of Asheville you'll find the towns of Weaverville, Flat Creek, and a bit more north, Mars Hill!  

You can shop at: 

  • Remnants Thrift and Sew - Mars Hill 

  • Mount Sheba Academy Thrift Store - Flat Creek

  • Etc. Consignment - Weaverville 

  • The Cottage Door - Weaverville 

  • Goodwill - Weaverville

Remnants Thrift and Sew is a new thrift store and community sewing space. You can shop their collection and take a sewing class! Mount Sheba Academy Thrift Store is worth a stop if you're on your way north, they have a good selection of clothing and home goods. Weaverville has some long-standing thrift stores in The Cottage Door and Etc. Consignment, and a classic Goodwill. 

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